The Pacific Rim Fanciers Club was accepted by CFA at the Board Meeting of February 11-12, 1995. It was formed in Victoria, British Columbia, by a young Persian breeder named Bev Roney, a member of the Canadian Air Force.

Bev Roney
Lyonhart Persians
Brighton, Ontarion, Canada

I moved to Victoria, BC (actually Sannichton) in 1992 and lived there until the summer of 1995. I'm in the Air Force, and was posted to the Rescue Coordination Centre in Esquimalt at the time.

The only cat club on the Island at the time was the ACFA club based in Victoria, called Island Cat Fanciers.  And although I joined that club and acted as their club President and Show Manager, I became discontent with the way ACFA did things. I was still showing actively CFA and that was where my loyalties remained.

So after the first year I decided to try to put a CFA club together.  Some of the members from the ACFA club joined me, along with some friends and acquaintances from the mainland.  I was solely responsible for drafting the club constitution, and submitting the club application to CFA.  It took months of planning. I am proud to say the club was accepted on the first attempt!

I had great hopes at the time that we would be able to host our first show on the Island or lower mainland within the next year or two and in fact, I had worked out a deal with the ACFA club to rent their cages and equipment.  I figured if the ACFA club could put on a successful show in Victoria, we should be able to do the same with the CFA club.  Well, unfortunately I didn't remain there long enough for that to come to fruition, because I was posted to Saskatchewan in 1995.

I felt that it would be unfair to take the club with me, so I talked to Jean Hausermann (Min-Glys Persians) and she promised me that if I turned the club over to her, she would ensure the club would continue and not become defunct. And although I haven't kept in touch with Jean, every year when the list of clubs are published I check to make sure its still there....